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Miniature Helmet Video Camera Card

miniature helmet video camera card

    video camera
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miniature helmet video camera card - Pegasus MINI

Pegasus MINI DV-RED World Smallest HD Color Mini Digital Video Recorder with Sound Activation - Camera and Camcorder (Red)

Pegasus MINI DV-RED World Smallest HD Color Mini Digital Video Recorder with Sound Activation - Camera and Camcorder (Red)

Make your own action movies - never miss a minute! Great for cycling, hiking and running, this incredible pocket-size camcorder fits in the palm of your hand and mounts easily to your bicycle handle bars - for thrilling action videos you film yourself! You can also strap it to your helmet or arm for hiking and running. Great for boating, motorcycle, car trips and skateboarding, too! Mounting included for free! Hi-resolution recordings. Your resulting action films will come to life in crisp, 640 x 480 resolution, 2-megapixel digital recordings-at an impressive 30 frames per second. The wide-angle, 72 degree field of view captures the big picture, and 2GB of included micro SD storage - with up to 8GB capacity for 4.5 hours of footage - lets you film for extended periods. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery delivers up to 2 hours of action per charge with traditional and voice activated recording modes. This Mini DV can also be used as digital camera by switching it to camera mode.

84% (12)

Random SW helmet WIP

Random SW helmet WIP

I'm working on a helmet for an upcoming bounty hunter minifig. This is the result so far. There aren't any interesting details, only plain surface.

I just can't think of a cool design, maybe you have some tips, there are no limits! I'm creating my own character, it doesn't have to follow any rules!

So, if you have some ideas or inspirations, let me know!

This got canceled, I found out no custom elements are allowed in the contest this was for. However, maybe I will use this oneday for something else.

Inside a Stormtrooper helmet

Inside a Stormtrooper helmet

This particular model is equipped with extra special optical gear which gives three-dimensional images of the surroundings, protects the eyes against too strong light and gives you vision in smoke, darkness or fire. The helmets' optical gear varies from this to simple lenses.

Fake naturally, but very cool nevertheless. From the book "Star Wars - The visual dictionary."

miniature helmet video camera card

miniature helmet video camera card

uCorder Pockito IRDC260-B 2.5-Inch Wearable Mini Pocket Camcorder Plus Webcam with 2 GB Micro SD Memory (Black)

Wear it, watch it. uCorder Pockito model IRDC260 is a hands free micro size pocket camcorder that doubles as a webcam. At 2.5" height, the wearable video camera is ideal for capturing sports, meetings, lectures, and much more. It is an ideal companion when recording hands free activities from bike riding to snowboarding - Pockito easily fits in your pocket, can be worn around your neck on a lanyard, or strapped to your arm / bike helmet using a sports accessory kit (included). Pockito produces a brilliant quality 720x480 D1 resolution AVI video at 30 fps real-time. Video files are saved to Micro SD card memory - 2 GB included, expandable up to 16 GB allowing for up to 5.5 hrs of recording storage. uCorder Pockito can additionally be set to function as a Webcam upon connection to a PC for online chatting, plus it functions as a digital camera with Snapshot photos. uCorder redefines the meaning of "pocket camcorder". It's the modern day notepad and a must have gadget for today's world. When life moves fast, uCorder provides you a chance to remember the moments

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