Canon Compact Camera

canon compact camera

    compact camera
  • The general term for small, light cameras designed for convenience. While they do not offer interchangeable lenses, they are perfectly usable for snapshots, and some do employ high-performance optics. Ideal for travel or “visual notebook” applications.

  • Commonly refers to a point-and-shoot camera.

  • A point-and-shoot camera, also called a compact camera, is a still camera designed primarily for simple operation . Most use focus free lenses or autofocus for focusing, automatic systems for setting the exposure options, and have flash units built in.

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canon compact camera - Golla Pouch

Golla Pouch with Neck-strap and Belt Loop in Lime Green Fits Your iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4 iPod, Most Point And Shoot Canon, Nikon, Casio, Olympus, and Sony Compact Cameras and Most Hand Held Devices

Golla Pouch with Neck-strap and Belt Loop in Lime Green Fits Your iPhone, 3G, 3GS, 4 iPod, Most Point And Shoot Canon, Nikon, Casio, Olympus, and Sony Compact Cameras and Most Hand Held Devices

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Canon Powershot G10

Canon Powershot G10

This is a very impressive little camera! It is my wife’s new camera - we are selling the 400D this week as she is not really into dSLR's. Apparently convenience is the number one “must have” camera feature :)

I've never been much of a "Compact" fan but having seen the results from this little guy coupled with the fact that it'll run my pocket wiz's and strobes I'm very glad to have it in the family. It's actually an awesome little camera and perhaps I'll be able to think of a reason to leave the 40D with my wife whilst I play with this.

Strobist Info: Camera on kitchen table on a sheet of white foamcore and 2 x bare SB25's on half power camera left and right bounced off white ceiling. Triggered by Pocket Wizards.

Canon S90

Canon S90

I'm totally Canonified now, with the S90 yesterday and the Eos 7D I got earlier. I had to replace my previous compact (the lovely Leica D-Lux4), which I "lost". I'm not yet convinced it's a worthy replacement, but it will have to do for now. I like the S90 ring at the front, its 3.8x range and the light lens (2.0). It's smaller than I thought it would be. It's supposed to have the same innards as the G11, but lighter and less bulky (lighter lens, but shorter range).

canon compact camera

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